Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Live in Africa

I live in Africa… Even though I moved here in 2007 I think in some ways that fact is still sinking in. Having made a “visit” to the USA and then returning to Kenya is making it seem more real. For years and years my dream was to one day live and work in Africa. Actually it has been my dream since I was 15 years old and spent a summer in Mozambique. So the reality is that I’m living out my dream. Right now I’m sitting in a gazebo by the river admiring God’s creation as I work. It’s one of those moments when it really hits me “I live here!”

I think some people from our community just assumed that we were going to America for good. Even some of William’s family members were surprised that we came back. I want this community to know that we are committed to them. I want them to know that this is our home, and we will be here as long as the Lord has us here.

I feel like we are relatively adjusted back to life in Africa. The other night I accidently inhaled a fly while going to use the outhouse before going to bed. It was a reminder, “Yup, I’m back in Kenya!”

But at times it really is amazing that I actually live here. I live in beautiful, terrible, amazing, complicated, simple, crazy, war-torn, peaceful, amazing Africa!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Heading Home

Tonight is the night! The night we head home that is.  After more than two months in the USA it's time to head back to Kenya.  Yesterday we did a marathon pack-out.  And I'm still leaving some stuff at my poor parents house.  Now we just have to pray that our bags aren't all overweight.  The scale says they are okay but we aren't entirely sure we believe the scale.  They feel pretty heavy to me.  

William's re-entry permit arrived just in time for us to go.  Which means that we will have no problem getting him back into the USA when we return in Sept or Oct of 2010.  

Well I'm off to church before heading to the airport later.  My next post should be from the other side of the world.