Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Empowerment through Healthcare

We currently have a team from Lambs Fellowship Church here with us in the village. Half of the team has been working on some very special medical projects in conjunction with our clinic staff. Their main project was an outreach to our local primary schools. The team started with an educational preventative-health presentation about sanitation. They then assisted the clinic staff in providing medicine to de-worm (kill intestinal worms) for approximately 1,000 children in our community! They also were able to provide free-treatment for around 200 sick children from our local public school. They also hosted a medical conference for our staff AND assisted in furthering our ultrasound skills. Here are some highlights from their time here:

Clinic staff member Margaret carrying supplies for treating sick children at the school

Team member, Craig, assessing a child

Joyce and Catherine providing wound care

Dr. Larry with Shadrack interpreting to treat a sick child

Craig training our staff in more advanced techniques on our ultrasound machine

Catherine giving a lecture at the medical conference for the clinic staff

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Gift of Sight

We have been super-blessed with some amazing teams and interns who have traveled from the USA to assist us in our work. In June we were able to host a team from Kingsburg, CA who came to assist us with some optometry outreaches. We have never done more than two medical outreaches from the clinic in any single month before. But while the Kingsburg team was here we did FOUR in just ONE WEEK!! It was a marathon. Over 350 patients were seen and treated at four different locations where patients have little-to-no access to eye-care. Here are some pictures to give you some of the highlights. The above picture is of the Kenyan and American teams who joined forces at our outreach to the community of Sosiani.

Packing up equipment at the clinic in preparation to hit the road

Patients waiting patiently to be seen

A grandmother from the community testing out a prescription to see if it will work for her

Excitement over the realization that the world is so much clearer when you can see!

On one of our outreaches we lost ALL of the lug-nuts on the left, rear tire. The tire came off as the team was cruising down the highway. Thankfully no one was injured. We were all glad that we had prayed for protection as we started the day.

Here I'm working the phone to try and arrange alternate transportation to our outreach site. Where is AAA when you need them?! The team took the whole situation in stride and we shared stories as we waited on the roadside for backup.

These ladies were styling in their new sunglasses!

It felt good to sit down for a breather in the midst of so many patients!