Saturday, May 27, 2006

Countdown to Kenya!!!

The countdown is on!! In less than a month I will be in Kenya. On June 14 I'll take my last final exam of the school-year. Then on June 21 I'll hop on a plane in LAX and fly to Amsterdam. After an 8hr layover I'll continue on to Nairobi. From there I'll take a small plane to the city of Eldoret (in the Western highlands of Kenya). From there I'll head out to the village of Kipkaren. I get tired just thinking about all of that travel!

The organization I'll be working with, Empowering Lives International, will be opening an orphanage in the village right around the time that I arrive. I'll be able to put my skills to work by helping to provide medical care for the orphans. Some of them will be HIV+. This is going to be a new and challenging experience for me. But I must say I'm rather excited and looking forward to whatever God brings my way. My past experience with African orphans is that so many of them just need someone to love them. Many of them have been through horribly traumatic experiences. Some have had to take on the role of head-of-the-household at age 12 or 13. I'll also be working with the local medical clinic and the home-based-care program in the area.

Please be praying for me during these final weeks before I leave. I want to be open to whatever it is that the Lord may have for me this summer. I'll be in Kenya for three months. I know that I will be introduced to the culture in a greater and deeper way than ever before. I really struggle with learning language; but I truly desire to have some rudimentary communication skills in Swahili before I return to the US. I am really looking forward to building my relationships with my Kenyan friends. Here are some ways you can be praying for me as I prepare to head out:

  • That I will continue to grow to know my Lord on a deeper level.
  • Focus and discipline as I complete my final few weeks of school.
  • Organization and a sense of God's presence and peace as I complete preparations to leave.
  • That God will prepare my heart for the things I will see, experience and do this summer.
  • My family's peace as we prepare to say goodbye for a while

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, support and encouragement! You truly are a part of my team. I will be posting updates throughout the summer to keep you up to date on my life in Kenya. Take care and God bless!